The Story Behind Our Purpose

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Our faith is integral to our work.  Why?  Because we believe God has gifted us with specific talents; talents that He created in us. And, once He gave us these gifts, He then prepared a way for us to use them. In our case, that way is Architecture that touches peoples' lives.  How awesome it is that He actually gifted us with those talents!  We are humbled by His grace and we offer those services for your benefit. We serve with respect both unto Him, and for you, as we help you develop your projects.  


TR Design Group is a strong, quality-oriented architecture and design firm.   

Simply put, this means that we feel God has given us certain talents in life and we use them to glorify Him. By doing this, our firm has become an award-winning, full service, quality-oriented firm known for providing exceptional architectural services from site design and planning to programming, program verification, design development, construction documents, specifications, bidding, construction administration and through close-out.

We typically handle both large and small projects from start to finish including coordinating and hiring all consultants. We have a strong development background and regularly handle complex land development issues. We have a reputation for producing high-quality construction documents which translates into more-precise bidding and fewer change orders -- and ultimately a lower net construction cost. We work as an advocate for you to keep the project on track and integrate our experiences in the field back into the drawings for our next projects in order to continually improve our processes, drawings and services.  



We’re a medium-sized firm and one of the largest, Riverside-based firms. 

As part of this strategy, you will have guaranteed principal involvement throughout your project. You will have us as an entrusted partner in the design, development and construction of your facility.  We have multiple licensed architects on-staff and most have over 30 plus years' experience. Your team will be staffed with seasoned professionals with backgrounds in many types of projects.



As the architects, we professionally manage projects as the head of the project team serving you, including our entire team of consultants. We have sought out qualified professional consultants and we, as a team, work proactively to establish deadlines and client commitments. Depending on the nature of your project, there may be a variety of consultants; we will lead them each through the performance of their work. We start by communicating the project Scope, Budget and Schedule to our consultants. As we develop the project, we will confer with each consultant to obtain input appropriate to each project phase. Throughout the project we will constantly monitor the project Scope, Budget and Schedule to confirm with you at each milestone that your needs, and your budget, are being met.


Thomas Riggle, Architect and President, brings important skills to the team. In charge of Design and Direction, he has led our team on recent projects for various community-oriented buildings including the recent award winning renovations to the new Marcy Library Branch in Riverside, CA and the statewide CPRA (California Parks and Recreation Society) award winning Dales Senior Center.  Both of these projects involved local residents who provided input through committee meetings, community outreach meetings and presentations to local boards. The presentations at these meetings were lead by Thomas and resulted in positive outcomes; careful attention to community concerns and details; and individual responses to the questions raised by the concerned community members. We provided the leadership for the projects to help the agencies sensitively respond to, and include, the community and decision leaders. 


Thomas is skilled at marrying the architectural design capabilities of a quality architect with professional presentation skills in order to appeal to community members and the governing agencies to answer tough questions while providing “laymen’s terms” responses to technical questions at the same time. Thomas has handled numerous outreach meetings where the project was presented to concerned groups, their input was received and the project was brought back to them for review regarding how changes were addressed. Clear, concise presentations were made with professional renderings and exhibits. One client noted that Thomas’ presentation for their new Master Planned School “School of the Future” was the highlight of the community presentation meeting and that Thomas and TR Design Group did an “exceptional” presentation. Thomas works well with people from all walks of life, positions and backgrounds because he views his position on the development team as a servant leader who is ultimately working for and representing God, and you.