Value of an Architect

The Value of an Architect


Total Project Cost

The Architectural and Engineering plans for a project are a considerable cost.  However, in comparison to other project costs, Architectural and Engineering costs are relatively low yet the importance of a quality set of drawings and specifications can save you considerable time and money as illustrated in the articles below. We encourage you to the those articles also. 

Any project can include involves several areas of cost, those include:

  • Building Material and Construction Cost
  • Site Costs
  • Fixtures, Finishes and Equipment
  • ”Soft” Costs including: 
    • Architects
    • Engineers
    • Financing Costs
    • Title Costs
    • Escrow Costs
    • Plan Check Fees
    • Development Impact Fees
    • Permit Fees
    • Inspection Fees
    • Signage
  • Contingencies
  • Move-In Costs 

As your Architect, we work with you to establish your budget, not just for the Architectural and Engineering drawings, but we assist you with determining your whole budget.